It was in the winter of 1981 when the TURISMOTO CLUB had just been created, we decided to break with the summer concentrations, and bundling the blanket over our heads, never better said, we decided to summon the true fans, those who use the motorcycle at all times of the year, to meet in a pine forest next to the Duero, near Valladolid, to share a bonfire, food and wine, challenging the cold steppe of the Castilian winter.

We didn't have time to organize it in January and we organized that first PENGUINS at the beginning of March 1982 , in Herrera de Duero, where 320 real “motards” arrived. In that same place we also celebrate the following two editions, already on the traditional date that has remained until today, the second weekend of January (after Reyes).

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In 1985 we moved to Fuensaldaña, where we stayed for three other editions, until that of 1987 , the only location that did not have the "shelter" of a pine forest or the proximity of the Duero, a common thing in all the others. There we suffered one of the toughest editions of Penguins, with 15 degrees below zero minimum and four, also below zero, maximum; the more than 600 brave people who attended did not have a good time on the road.

In 1984 , 1986 and 1988 , in addition to Penguins, the Turismoto Club organized the concentrations of the Bike-Motorbike Show, which took place at the Valladolid Trade Fair, as well as the "First Motorcycling Meeting of the Northwest Zone" , which we organized in October 1984 in Ponferrada (León), which included the communities of Asturias, Cantabria, Galicia and Castilla y León.

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In 1988 , the Pingüinos concentration changed location again, recovering the shelter of a pine forest and the proximity of the Duero, this time in Tordesillas, where in three different locations (Area of ​​Rest of the Portuguese 1 and 2 and Area of ​​Valdegalindo) it would continue until the end of the century, the year 2000. During all those years, the number of participating motorcyclists did not stop growing, as did the infrastructure, the program, the activities and the days of duration, including a “Record Guinness” when forming the largest row of motorcycles, wheel with wheel in contact, counting 2,227 meters, carried out in Penguins 1990, when the number of bikers was two thousand odd. In addition to the Penguins Concentration and other series of activities, the Turismoto Club has been organizing since 1994 what was then called "Tour of Motor Tourism to Valladolid", and later it was renamed "Turismoto Route through Castilla y León". It is a complete weekend of routes through the most interesting and often little-known corners of this extensive community, dedicating each edition to a specific area.

Since the edition of Penguins 1986 , and in parallel to it, the Turismoto Club has been organizing a humanitarian campaign of solidarity with those most in need, usually cases of catastrophes and tragedies that unfortunately are not lacking, in which the attending motorcyclists bring in their luggage the help requested every time, and that through a collaborating NGO is sent to your destination.

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LA PINGÜINOS ” continues to increase its fame and prestige in all corners of Europe and even other continents, as well as its programming and parallel activities, in order to create, in the 1998 edition, the “GOLDEN PENGUINS” awards or distinctions, which The Turismoto Club institutes in two modalities or facets, and they are delivered in the concentration itself: one aimed at institutions or personalities that have distinguished themselves by their work or hobby in favor of motorcycling, and another aimed at professionals: riders, teams, managers, etc., who have stood out the most in the motorcycle season.


Coinciding with the turn of the century and millennium, the concentration moved to Boecillo in 2001 , celebrating its "20th Anniversary", there, closer to the capital, it managed to break the attendance record with 18,852 registered motorists and more than 25,000 participants in the 2002 edition.

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The edition of PINGÜINOS 2003 coincides with a strong snowstorm in many areas of the peninsula, which makes many roads difficult and even closed, so that many motorists cannot reach Boecillo, despite which the enrollment figure is very close to that of the previous edition.

In this edition of 2003, we launched a new activity in Pingüinos: the celebration of a “Great New Year's Eve and New Year Biker Party” at midnight on Friday, toasting with Rueda cava, accompanying with twelve pinions the twelve chimes that they mark the beginning of the "New Biker Year".

The 2nd Exhibition of Ancient and Classic Motorcycles took place at the Valladolid Trade Fair, which brought together a hundred of true pioneering jewels in the history of two wheels.


In PINGÜINOS 2004 , with a not-so-normal weather boom, all the records so far are broken again, surpassing the 20,000 registered and more than 30,000 attendees, who enjoyed as never before the activities spread throughout the weekend, and consolidating the Great Biker New Year Party as one of the most participatory activities and with the best atmosphere, lasting until the wee hours of the morning.

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In PINGÜINOS 2005, unlike the previous one, the cold was intense, the temperature was almost every day that the concentration lasted below zero, due to a fog that did not leave us throughout the weekend. We returned to break a record of registered 21,333.

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PENGUINS 2006 . We celebrate the 25th Anniversary, this year to commemorate it, many activities were carried out, among which the great exhibition "100 years of Science on the Motorcycle - 25 years of Penguins", held at the Science Museum of Valladolid, stood out. The publication of the book "The motorcycle trip" in which in the first part we reviewed the 25 years of Penguins and in the second the catalog of the exhibition. Penguins had an attendance like never before, 26,106 bikers signed up.

In the month of November, His Majesty King Juan Carlos I received his Gold Penguin 2006 "25th Anniversary" award in Valladolid, which was awarded to him by the Turismoto Club Board of Directors.

PENGUINS 2007 . Our last year in El Pinarón (Boecillo), we again broke record with 27,141 registered so much that the registrations were exhausted, the good weather contributed to get this assistance. After our stay in Boecillo, we decided to look for a new venue, after analyzing various offers we decided to share a venue for 2008 and subsequent years in Valladolid-Simancas.

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PENGUINS 2008 . We have a new headquarters in Simancas, more spacious and with better facilities, but as with all the premieres, some things will have to be corrected for next year and work is already underway on this. During the rally on Friday morning a storm of rain and wind made it difficult for everyone who went to Penguins that morning, in the afternoon the sun and good weather accompanied us until the closing, which did not prevent that at night It was cold, freezing. Once the concentration was over, the weather worsened and the return was difficult. This year the record of registered with 29,812 was achieved.

PENGUINS 2009 . Once again we opened our headquarters in Valladolid (Puente Duero), very wide and with good access, there were no traffic jams from the previous year, you could only get on a motorcycle and this contributed to improving the atmosphere of the camping. It was also one of the hardest editions of Penguins, temperatures did not exceed zero degrees and dropped to -10º. But a snowstorm caused many to be trapped on the road and gave up attending many others, hence the decrease in the number of registered. However, it was the hardest and purest edition of a winter like Penguins, this year's medal has more value, since its owner has won it with great sacrifice.

I mean

PENGUINS 2010 . We continue at our headquarters in Valladolid (Puente Duero). There were heavy snowfalls throughout the Peninsula which, like the previous year, prevented many from reaching Penguins, however in Valladolid it did not snow and we could see an increase in registrations.


PENGUINS 2011 . The 30th Anniversary has not had the harshness of the previous editions, the weather has been good, the temperatures high for the time and the roads without problems, except for the rains in some parts. This year the influx of bikers has been massive, the parade of flags, if last year was the largest of all years, this has had 50% more participants.

If the record of Simancas has not been broken, it was because that year the registration of cars, vans and motorhomes was allowed, which in these editions has not been allowed to enter, to recover the usual spirit of Penguins.


PENGUINS 2012 . Enrollments were increased to 26,715; the good weather contributed, and although it is not typical of Penguins, it made the trip, the stay and the acts more pleasant.

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PENGUINS 2013 . Attendance along the lines of recent years, perhaps the crisis and the threat of rain, which respected the most important acts (torchlight, flag parade, excursions and concerts) lowered enrollment slightly but not attendees.

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PENGUINS 2014 . Attendance record in Puente Duero, the good weather made the number of registered and attendees was important, it closed with the threat of being the last year in Puente Duero and forces us to look for a new nest.

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PENGUINS 2017 . We summarize the activity in an ideal location for the development of penguin activities, in an enclave closer to the city of Valladolid. Finally, there were 22,536 authentic penguins who came to enjoy again the best winter concentration in the world.

PENGUINS 2018 . 28,141 bikers meet again in the penguin nest, which is establishing itself once more in the reference of winter concentrations.

PENGUINS 2019 . 30,470 + 1 penguins !! This is the official figure. And it is that when we were celebrating the closing of Pinguinos 2019, the Penguin number 30471 appeared. His name Luca from Caorle - Italy. ("Luca .... next time go out the day before").

PENGUINS 2020 . The 2020 Penguins Concentration has broken all records. It has become, without any doubt, the benchmark for motorcycle rallies, not only in Spain, but internationally. 34,922 registrations !! There is no doubt that the assistance of so many motorists is a reflection that it is being done well.



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